Black Forest Cake

My birthday offering because;
1. You can not go wrong with a chocolate cake and
2. My dad loves cherries in cakes but I don’t so this was a very selfless cake bake.

I googled for black forest cake and the bbc had a recipe so with mine and their past track record I went with them! (Very predictable I know) I decided early on to put glace cherries into the cake batter instead of real cherries in between and was going to make my own frosting so didn’t need the ganache, instead I used 100g of the dark chocolate in the cake batter. 

I used a 170g tub of low fat greek yogurt as I hate having left over yoghurt, it just never gets used and I added a little milk to make up for the missing amount, I needed to whisk the mixture quite a bit to get it smooth. 

For the additions of water, yoghurt mix and chocolate first I added the yoghurt to the flour mix, then the water into the chocolate, then the chocolate to the flour and stirred, it smelt sooooo good.

I halved all my cherries, yep ALL of them and added them straight to the batter and then divided the mixture between three tins.

For the frosting I combined another two things my dad loves; pistachios and coconut. I used the butter cream ratio of 1:2 with 150g butter and 300g icing sugar. 

After beating together till smooth I added the nuts and desiccated coconut and two teaspoons of milk and it finished off a lumpy mess!

I used this cake as a practice for my sandwich frosting, I wanted a thickish layer as I was only putting it in between and I’m taking baby steps trying to get that professional frosting finish. 

I think it went okay I used the pile on and spread out technique and actually managed to glue back together a layer that split coming out of the tin. 

Once it was stacked it was ready to go!

I got very good reviews from my family but I think I would add a little more milk next time, it could have done with a tiny bit more and I really liked the idea of doing a cherry drizzle but I didn’t think ahead that much. I loved this recipe it’s a great dark chocolate cake recipe to have as an easy crowd pleaser cake to whip up.

Thanks for Reading xx


What I Wore… 20th May 2014

I wanted pockets today so I could more casually take my phone around with me and it was actually pretty windy on the walk home, I was a little worried about revealing too much of myself, so the trusty old jeans seemed like a very good idea. I have found a really nice pair of patterned cotton trousers in H&M, they were sooooo soft but they were blue like my other patterned trousers and I didn’t want two the same, although I think I am going to cave pretty quickly if I don’t find an alternative pair. I also wore my Zara striped top, my New Look suede boots and a jacket stolen from my younger sisters wardrobe who is off travelling at the moment, love that silver lining!

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I’m on a Roll!!!

Oooh yeh I did it again, I think this counts a little less as I didn’t go at the weekend but still I’m getting into a routine! I went before dinner so I didn’t get a stitch and I went further than last week and ran at higher speeds. 

I think I can still push it a little more so I’m going to try harder on Wednesday and my aim is to get up to 2.82km because that is what we do at the weekend. 

I recorded it with both Map my Run and Argus and one said I had done 2.92km and one said I had only done 2.67km. I’m being realistic and going with the lesser one because it’s probably true. I took a victory photo and you can see it because of the lighting but I had a bright read tomato face, I really enjoyed my shower after that run!

How have you been getting on, anyone else recently started running?

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What I Wore… 19th May 2014

I didn’t want to go over board today and jinx the summery weather so I kept it cool, casual, pressure free on the sunshine with my Topshop blue dress, can’t wait to wear this in proper summer with sandals, my COS Fishermans jumper, tights from M&S and my New Look suede boots. I am still addicted to Argus the heath app and I raised my step goal to 9,000 so I had to make sure to bring my phone everywhere! I felt pretty silly taking it to the toilet with me and on photocopier trips but they are good steps! And every little helps!!!!

For hair I took a front section of hair and divided into two and then wound around each other and pinned. Very simple and quick and kept the hair out of my face in the hot weather.

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What I Wore… 18th May 2014

I got a teensy bit burnt in the morning so I covered up in lightweight clothes after my shower and I was super comfy in my jeans! I put on my COS stripy jumper with a COS tee underneath my Noisy May jeans from Asos and colourful socks!!! Also got to borrow my boyfriend’s aviators as I promised I would of course remember my sunglasses for the sunny weekend… and then forgot them. And how lovely was it!!!!! Hope you all got some sunshine!

Thanks for Reading xx

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